Amadou Latyr Ngom

I am a first year CS PhD in the Compilers at MIT (COMMIT) Group and the Data Systems Group (DSG) co-advised by Professors Saman Amarasinghe and Tim Kraska. My research focuses on Databases and Cloud Programming.

Prior to MIT, I earned my Bachelor and Masters at CMU where I was advised by Prof. Andy Pavlo. There, I worked on query compilation and execution.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Office: 32-G904B Stata Center, MIT
Links: [LinkedIn] [Twitter]


Amadou Ngom, Prashanth Menon, Matthew Butrovich, Lin Ma, WanShen Lim, Todd C. Mowry, author
Prashanth Menon, Amadou Ngom, Lin Ma, Todd C. Mowry, author
Tianyu Li, Matthew Butrovich, Amadou Ngom, Wan Shen Lim, Wes McKinney, author
Ling Zhang, Matthew Butrovich, Tianyu Li, Andrew Pavlo, Yash Nannapaneni, John Rollinson, Huanchen Zhang, Ambarish Balakumar, Daniel Biales, Ziqi Dong, Emmanuel J Eppinger, Jordi E Gonzalez, Wan Shen Lim, Jianqiao Liu, Lin Ma, Prashanth Menon, Soumil Mukherjee, Tanuj Nayak, Amadou Ngom, Dong Niu, Deepayan Patra, Poojita Raj, Stephanie Wang, Wuwen Wang, Yao Yu, author

Teaching Experience

Database Systems -- Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2019 TA

Distributed Systems -- Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2019 Head TA, Fall 2018 TA, Spring 2018 TA

Industry Experience

Software Development Intern - Pure Storage

Summer 2018

Software Development Intern - Zillow

Summer 2017